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Department Wise Production Process:
Unsaturated Polyester Resin + Pearl Essence /
Pigment + Catalyst
Polyester Buttons are made of unsaturated Polyester Resin and polymerized with the help of catalysts and accelerators. The mold casting is mainly in form of sheet and rod. The necessary raw materials are mixed for about 5 to 6 hours at ambient temperature to get a homogenous mixture. Weigh the material as per the thickness of the button and add required pigments to achieve required color and any other requirement that the buyer of the order may have
Sheet Formation (Polyrotar)
The above weighed material is mixed with catalyst and poured on the polyroater at a speed of 140 rpm and for time of 30-40 to get it gelled. Post this we cut the necessary in the formof a sheet. The resin can also be poured with the help of geared pumps installed with the Rod casting machine into aluminum tubes as per the required structure of the button.
Blanks Punching
The polymerizes sheet casted on polyrotar can be cut by means of punching machine with the help of dyes of required size and the rods can be sliced with the help of slicer as per the required thickness of the button.
Button Making (Turning)
The blanks so produced are sorted and then the tool is to be made as per the shape of the front and back of the button by means of CNC Profilla. Then the blanks are placed into the turning machine hoopers and with the support of photo cell cameras and pneumatic valves the face of the button is selected to be turned. Then the buttons shape and drilling to be done with the units mounted on turning machines and if required then all engraving are simultaneously done by the laser gun unit also mount on turning machine.
Polishing / Packing
The buttons will now be put in a polishing barrel for about 20-24 hours along with ceramic stones and pumic powder and are allowed to role for another 24 hours to get a super shine. The buttons produced above will be sorted and packed.
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